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Tree Trimming & Cutting

We are passionate about trees and their proper care. We bring you affordable and skilled tree trimming services. 

If you want professional tree trimming, you know who to call. Joliet Tree Service Pros can improve the aesthetics of your trees with proper trimming. With trimming, we can encourage better growth and development of your tree. Our unmatched dedication to work sets us apart from our competitors. 

If you have fruit trees in your yard, we can help them have a better yield in the blooming season. You can expect a better quality of fruits and improved quantity as well. Our certified arborists can do the job and guarantee 100% satisfaction on your end. 

We are not mere talk. We keep our words and prove our worth every time we perform a task. 

Whether you have a relatively small tree or an enormous one, we can trim it skillfully using our equipment. We have our bucket truck to help us access difficult to reach branches. When you choose to hire us, you don’t have to worry about anything because we make sure to cover everything.

Why Trim your trees?

Prevent diseases- Tree trimming is essential for the health of your trees in many ways. It can save your tree from complete removal by getting rid of infected branches and diseased limbs. We carefully inspect your tree to check for signs of diseases and give it the treatment it needs. 

Prevent Overgrowth- You want to keep your trees at a desirable height, as well as its branches. When the branches overgrow, they tend to block your view or hang over your roof. This can put you in danger, especially in the face of a storm. 

Keep your tree’s structural integrity- Your landscape will benefit from a well-maintained tree. Not only that they make your landscape more beautiful, but they also increase your property’s value. When your trees grow too big, they can endanger your home’s foundation with its root system. Their branches can look disorganized and unkempt without proper trimming. If you want beautiful looking trees, you should use professional tree trimming regularly. 

Avoid time-consuming Raking in the fall- You can expect a mountain of fallen leaves when you have overgrown trees in your backyard. You may need more than a weekend to take care of all the dirt and that it is undoubtedly tiring. You don’t have to do this when you have your tree regularly pruned. We can come to your property and expertly prune your overgrown tree and bring back its former glory. 

    When to Prune?

    What is your goal for pruning? If you want to rid your tree of dead and broken branches, you can do it in any season. But, if you have other goals, follow this simple guideline. 

    Winter Pruning

    You will often hear from professionals that the best time to prune trees is in their dormant season. You can perform pruning after the harshest part of winter has passed because this can lead to a better growth come spring. 

    Summer Pruning

    If your purpose for pruning is to dwarf a tree, do it in the summer. You can do it after the growth stage in spring has passed. Summer pruning will ensure that your tree stays at a manageable height. By pruning your tree in summer, we can reduce the foliage; thus, the tree produces less food it needs for growth, which results in its “dwarfing.” 

    Fall Pruning

    As much as possible, don’t prune your trees in the fall because fungi and spores quickly spread among trees in this season. 

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