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Stump removal

We offer a safe and efficient stump removal service in Joliet, IL. We can help you get the green grass back in your yard with our top-rated stump removal equipment. Stumps that are left to decay in the yard can be home to many types of pests, such as termites and ants. They can also be hazardous to your family, especially to your children who love playing around your yard. While you can leave your stump to rot, it will take many years for it to decompose fully. We can remove the stump in a day so you can replant the area with sod or grass. 

We will use our high-caliber stump grinders to eliminate the stump. This specialized equipment is made specifically for this purpose. We are well-trained to operate this stump grinder to remove the stump altogether and turn it into mulch. You can keep the much for gardening purposes, or you can ask us to haul it away. 

After we have removed the stump, you can begin maximizing the space again. You can use the area for playground purposes, or you can plant new trees above it. Rest assured that we will clean up before we leave and your yard will look better than before. 

Our stump removal service can be included in your tree removal package, but you can also opt to leave it behind. It will require us to bring additional equipment such as stump grinders that is why you can expect the cost to go up. We recommend removing the stump once the tree has been eliminated. This way, we can accurately estimate the cost of the service

Regardless if we removed your tree or not, we can eliminate the stumps for you. You can even get a discount if you choose to purchase multiple stump removals. We have an easy and hassle-free process that you can take advantage from. 

Joliet Tree Service Pros can’t wait to serve you soon!